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Fostering transformation through leadership, team development,
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about aephoria

Founded by Dr. Simon Kettleborough and Dr. Julia Kukard and joined by globally renowned Enneagram teacher and psychometrist Lucille Greeff, Aephoria has evolved into a team of seasoned consultants, coaches, and facilitators, each with over 20 years of experience in leadership, personality, and maturity development within global organisations.

We pride ourselves on our experience working in challenging economic, political, and social contexts, as well as our diverse expertise - a blend of business, academia, consulting, psychology, and therapy. This multifaceted background equips us to communicate effectively across a wide range of demographics.

At Aephoria we exist to support sustainable human flourishing.

services for organisations

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your organisation’s leadership development? Tap into the powerful fusion of Maturity, the Enneagram, and transformational learning methodologies to drive rapid awareness, behaviour change, and growth for your organisation and its members.

for coaches

Enrich your practice for a competitive edge. Become an accredited coach in the AIM assessments and unlock transformative insights for your clients.

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leadership development

Aephoria’s highly qualified team has over 20 years of experience successfully running engaging, high-impact leadership and team development interventions worldwide. Deeply embedded within our methodologies lies our strong belief that fast-tracking people’s maturity addresses many of the problems found in their work, personal lives, and organisational systems.

Speak to us about Leadership Development, Team Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Organisational Maturity, AIM for Enneagram and AIM for Maturity Assessments.

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Leadership Development

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Organisational Culture

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Diversity and Inclusion

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Organisational Maturity

transform your coaching practice

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about AIM

AIM by Aephoria is the world’s first integrated Enneagram and Maturity assessment, a groundbreaking tool that allows our coaching partners to show measurable results, fast.

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    QUICK Only 24 questions, immediate results

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    CUSTOMISABLE Tailored process, deeper insights

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    AFFORDABLE Cost-effective pricing

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    QUICK Only 15 questions, report in 3 days

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    IN-DEPTH Existential and qualitative insights

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    MEASURABLE Clear and trackable ROI insights

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    UNIQUE groundbreaking, world-first Enneagram and Maturity assessment

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    FULL REPORT Concise and comprehensive

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    RELIABLE Globally recognised and validated

AIM is available in these languages

English • German • French • Spanish • Portuguese • Slovakian • Hungarian • Dutch • Tsonga • Xhosa • Sotho • Afrikaans

benefits of AIM

AIM presents coaches and development practitioners with a full suite of personality and maturity assessments to support, accelerate, and enhance professional and personal development. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you can make a meaningful impact in your coaching practice.



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how AIM is applied

We are privileged to have collaborated with a wide range of coaches and organisations worldwide to deepen their practices. Our aim is to support people and organisations to survive and thrive.

AIM Use Case Measure Innovation Maturity

Capacity for

are we able to meet complexity?

AIM Use Case Measure Agility


how adaptable and flexible are we?

AIM Use Case Trauma Measurement (1)


what are our existential concerns?

AIM Use Case Measure Organisational Maturity

Organisational Maturity

how mature is our thinking as an organisation?

AIM Use Case Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Maturity

Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion Maturity

are we creating an inclusive environment?

AIM Use Case Measure Strategic Maturity


what is our approach to leadership?