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Aephoria Supervision 2021

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    28 Jan 2021

We are looking forward to kicking off Aephoria Supervision 2021 on Tuesday 9 February at 4pm and have an exciting line-up of topics and speakers!

Supervision will have a similar flavour this year; Enneagram and IMf focussed case studies, intriguing and thought-provoking guest speakers and with more opportunities for smaller group discussions.

Julia will be kicking Supervision off on the 9th of February, sharing learnings and themes sought from the GEN conference.

The Growth Edge Network (GEN) is a space for people who have a deep interest in adult development, and who crave conversations with others who are curious about the way adults grow and change over time—and how to support that growth. This year’s virtual conference will welcome 128 participants from 18 different countries; discussing and sharing teachings on everything from Stuckness, Compassion, Measuring Development Initiatives in Orgs, Exploring Edges More Inclusively, to Julia presenting on Evil at Late Stages!

Should you have any questions around Supervision, please email

Supervision schedule for the first quarter of 2021: 

Date Who? On What?
Tuesday 9 February 4-6pm Julia The Growth Edge Network (GEN) learnings and themes
Tuesday 16 February 4-6pm Guest: Chantelle Wyley A Gestalt view: What does it mean to be present, with oneself and with others?
Tuesday 23 February 4-6pm Simon Sales Support Workshop
Tuesday 2 March 4-6pm Julia & Andrea Enneagram Case Study Social 9
Tuesday 9 March 4-6pm Guest: Ingrid Hurwitz The Inner Observer part 2
Tuesday 16 March 4-6pm Guest: Christo van Staden TBC
Tuesday 23 March 4-6pm Julia Longitudinal feedback for the Enneagram
Tuesday 30 March 4-6pm Simon InclusionIndex