AIM coaching community

Accredit in AIM for Enneagram and/or AIM for Maturity, and you will
automatically be added to our robust and engaging coaching community.

what is the AIM
coaching community?

Our community is our group of coaches, dynamic, mature, practitioners who are trusted by their clients around the world. We love them and support them with fast, personalised service, giving them everything they need so that they can grow their practices and deliver tangible results for their clients.

As an accredited AIM coach, you get access to the leading minds in Enneagram, Maturity, and vertical development. Join your peers as we continually invest in your personal growth and knowledge, supporting your practice with practical tools and concepts that will showcase your expertise and help you get the results you need.

coach portal

As an accredited practitioner, you unlock the full potential of our coaches portal. Seamlessly manage your client base, effortlessly request assessments, and access comprehensive reports—all in one centralised platform. Moreover, enjoy exclusive entry to additional resources tailored to elevate your practice and further support your professional growth.

group supervision

Promoting growth and offering steadfast support exemplifies our commitment to nurturing your enduring personal development journey. Elevate your knowledge and skills through our supervision sessions, ensuring continuous learning and professional advancement.


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