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what is AIM for maturity?

AIM for Maturity uses 15 sentence stems that a participant completes using free text, allowing them to express and explore their unique worldview from a developmental perspective. Designed to shed light on an individual’s inner world, these prompts encourage open-ended responses without predefined right or wrong answers.

Each response undergoes meticulous evaluation by cutting-edge machine-learning technology alongside a trained human marker. These trained specialists utilise the Aephoria Sentence Completion Guide (SCG), a comprehensive resource modelled after renowned research tools like the WUSCT and STAGES model.

Please note that to access AIM for Maturity, you must complete our Level 2 Maturity accreditation.

the experts behind AIM for maturity

AIM for Maturity is the brainchild of Lucille GreeffDr. Julia Kukard, and Dr. Simon Kettleborough globally supported by a wise team of experts in the domains of psychology, leadership, coaching, and organisational development.
Together, the professional experience of the three founders exceeds 80 years.

AIM by Aephoria distinguishes itself with its rigorous academic foundation.

Aephoria-Simon-Kettleborough 1

Dr. Simon Kettleborough

  • Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy from Middlesex University

  • MSc. in Sustainable Development with Distinction from London University

  • MBA with Distinction from Warwick University

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management from Leicester University

  • BA Honours degree in Modern Languages and Music from Durham University

Julia (1)

Dr. Julia Kukard

  • Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy from Middlesex University

  • MBA from the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB)

  • Honours degree and MA in Art History from the University of Cape Town (UCT)

  • BA in Psychology and Art History

Lucille (1)

Lucille Greeff

  • MA in Development Studies from the University of Johannesburg

  • BA Honours in Psychology from the University of Johannesburg

  • BA in Political Science from the University of Johannesburg

  • International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited Teacher and Professional Member

  • HPCSA-registered Psychometrist

AIM Use Case Measure Innovation Maturity

How the
AIM for Maturity Assessment
Equips Individuals

AIM for Maturity empowers individuals by amplifying self-awareness and catalysing personal growth. It enhances leadership insights and provides tools to break free from limiting patterns.

The assessment enables people to rediscover motivation, refine decision-making, and sharpen strategic thinking by fostering a deeper understanding of systemic intricacies and developing more comfort with uncertainty. It paves clear pathways for development.

AIM Use Case Measure Innovation Maturity

How the
AIM for Maturity Assessment Empowers Teams

AIM for Maturity revolutionises team dynamics by linking management styles to individual maturity levels. This shines a light on how teams collectively make sense of contexts and situations, enabling stronger collaboration and cohesion and more informed decision-making. It also cultivates an inclusive team environment and an elevated appreciation for diversity, curbing defensive tendencies.

The management and resolution of conflict become more effective, and teams mature together. This results in more sustainable performance in the longer term.

identity maturation methodology

Originally created in 2010 by Aephoria Partners, Identity Maturation (IM) is a pioneering methodology rooted in Constructivist Development Psychology and Ego Development.

Celebrated in the Integral Coaching realm as “vertical development”, its robust academic foundation is showcased in “Steward Leadership”, co-authored by Dr. Julia Kukard, Professor Kurt April, and Kai Peters.

IM melds diverse developmental strands into a unified measure of identity and maturity, spanning cognitive, emotional, moral, spiritual, and more. The model is based on the idea that when our own identity is very limited, we only see the world in a very narrow way. How we experience ourselves determines how we experience the world and how we lead and manage in the world.

our approach to AIM for maturity

With these structured steps, we ensure that AIM for Maturity
is not just informative but easily actionable for every coach.

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Step 1
Client-Centred Coaching

As one of our trained coaches, you will be introduced to a powerful contextual, client-focused approach to coaching to ensure your clients are understood without being confined to stereotypes.

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Step 2
A Developmental Shift

You will go beyond simply discussing developmental stages to diving deep into your client’s worldview, areas of stuckness, setbacks, and long-term developmental aspirations.

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Step 3
Inclusivity and Sensitivity

As an AIM for Maturity coach, you will be equipped to hold coaching sessions guided by an acute sensitivity towards diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

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Step 4
Authentic Feedback

You’ll be able to steer clear of generic responses and deliver feedback which is tailored to reflect your client's individual needs and context.

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Step 5
Transparent Reflection

While introspection can be challenging, you will be able to offer powerful insights to your clients to encourage them to grow and develop way beyond their comfort zones.

Four Leaves

Step 6
The Bigger Picture

The Maturity feedback doesn’t end with one session. It often invites a broader, longer-term coaching journey and can also serve as a tool to measure the ROI for future programmes.

empowering individuals by amplifying
self-awareness and catalysing personal growth

benefits of AIM for maturity

AIM for Maturity serves as a powerful mirror, amplifying your clients’ understanding of self, others, and organisational systems. It highlights both recognised strengths and unseen potential.

By identifying areas where your clients might feel “stuck”, AIM for Maturity charts a transformative path to break free of limiting beliefs and patterns and to progress in their developmental journey. Think of it not just as a reflection but as a roadmap.

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A cost-effective solution compared to other global maturity assessments.

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Integration with the Enneagram provides a deeper, personality-informed perspective.

Four Leaves


The assessment is offered in several languages, including Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese.

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The AIM for Maturity assessments are both human and machine marked, ensuring consistency, validity and accuracy.

Three Leaves


Works seamlessly in tandem with a range of coaching methodologies and other valid adult development assessments.

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Swift Results

Designed with clients’ busy schedules in mind, our Maturity assessment offers fast completion and marking turnaround to deliver rapid insights.

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The assessment looks beyond basic maturity scoring and pinpointing stages, and aims to unlock tangible and insightful developmental pathways.

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User-friendly reports that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand, with the support of an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service coach administration portal.

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Globally Recognised

Due to its usage across large parts of whole organisational systems, as well as its competitive pricing and speed of completion, AIM for Maturity now stands as the most accessible maturity assessment available in the world today.

receive your report for life-changing insights

Your AIM for Maturity report is a beautiful, insightful, easy-to-navigate guide that serves as a person’s developmental roadmap. Crafted to pinpoint your current ‘centre of gravity’ in both your professional and personal evolution, this report is straightforward and packed with actionable insights.

This report doesn’t just chart where you are in your life’s journey; it also illuminates unseen patterns and future milestones. Whether you’re striving for leadership excellence or personal growth, the report offers key indicators that guide your next steps and identifies potential setbacks.

frequently asked questions about
AIM for maturity

Maturity provides insights into how your individual clients perceive themselves, the world, and their roles. Understanding a person’s maturity stage can predict and develop leadership skills (in particular intrapersonal, interpersonal, and relationship skills), strategic thinking capabilities, sustainability orientation, self-care, conflict and performance management, and predisposition to diversity and inclusion.

Your clients will receive sentence stems to complete using free text. This projective assessment is designed to illuminate the participant's inner world, offering insights into their developmental stage and growth pathways.

Answers are analysed by trained human raters and a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm. This combined approach ensures your clients will only receive accurate and reliable scores, with results based on extensive research and developmental models.

Absolutely. Our approach ensures that each individual receives feedback tailored to their own unique lived experience.

While this is, first and foremost, an individual assessment, the insights derived can be used to build powerful maturity profiles of teams and organisations thereby giving potent insights into how groups and organisations behave, think, feel, interact, strategise, and perform.

While there are no strict guidelines, you can encourage your clients to retake the assessment after significant life events, developmental programs, or as a check-in on personal growth.

No specific preparation is needed.

our coaches love AIM

Mbuyiselo Yanta Image

Completing the Aephoria training has been transformative for me. The training has provided valuable practical tools and frameworks, including the Enneagram and Identity Maturity Framework, enhancing

both my coaching skills and personal development. The training continues to boost my confidence , and the team effectively models strategies for improving in my coaching work. The Aephoria training continues to be a highly enriching experience that is positively impacting both my professional and personal growth.

Todd Iarussi

Patricia Weijzen Image

The AIM assessments are inextricably linked with my developmental leadership coaching journeys: the combo of the enneagram personality system and the maturity levels offers a mirror and a map and

a unique and powerful entrance into the (inner) world of the client. I have not met a client that is not blown away by the accurate, revealing and often sharp, pointy description of themselves. They re-visit the reports many times over the course of the coaching program and the discoveries and insights support their new narratives.

Patricia Weijzen

unnamed (2) (1)

The Aephoria assessment and accreditation has had a profound impact on my continued personal development, more importantly the manner in which I now am able to help people. It assisted me to

understand the lens through which I make sense of events as well as the strategy I formulated in order to feel safe in the world. Through the process I learnt that my way of being was limited and that it no longer served me. I discovered that I am much more than my enneagram type or maturation stage. This understanding is key to the impact I make for my clients.

Kugan Pillay


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