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Coaching Enneagram 3 with Simon Kettleborough and Lucille Greeff

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    Aephoria Partners

    05 Nov 2020

Simon Kettleborough and Lucille Greeff talk about working with and coaching enneagram 3 clients.
Simon is a founding partner of Aephoria and a one-to-one and group facilitator. He develops deep relationships with clients, working with many individuals and teams over time.
Lucille Greeff is a director of Aephoria and a Chartered Organisation Development (OD) practitioner, facilitator, coach, team development specialist and psychometrist.
Simon and Lucille have been coaching enneagram for many years and are well versed in the enneagram framework, they offer years of insight and wisdom to all their clients.
The AEPT is a training programme available to coaches, therapists, facilitators, HR professionals, OD practitioners and human development specialists. It offers a comprehensive, certified programme that develops people from novice Enneagram practitioners to skilled professionals able to work in the one-on-one, team and group facilitation space with the Enneagram (within scope of practice). Aephoria has been an International Enneagram Association school for the past number of years and the certification forms part of our offering as an IEA school.