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Coaching people living with disabilities

Coaching People Living with Disabilities.

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    Aephoria Partners

    27 May 2022

Lucille Greeff hosted Jeremy Opperman on the topic of Coaching People Living with Disabilities.

Cape Town born Jeremy Opperman has been involved in disability equity, awareness, and inclusion consulting for most of his career.

Being visually impaired, Jeremy has a unique perspective of the needs of the sector, and his professional engagements with the corporate world over many years have allowed him to develop imaginative and thought-provoking material.

Jeremy’s professional services range from keynote speaking, awareness workshops, and strategic consulting to access auditing and sign-language training. For those not attached-to politically-correct thinking, Jeremy’s blog will provide some thought-provoking reading. There is also a wide selection of Jeremy’s writing on disability equity to be found here.

Providing coaching to people living with disabilities. is not an easy task, but we sought someone with many years of experience to help you through the process. Watch the video and let us know if this has helped you in any way.