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Conversation With EldersGreeff

Conversations With Elders: Episode 9 (Ft Mark Wortley)

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    Aephoria Partners

    26 Aug 2020

In this  episode of Conversations with Elders,

Lucille Greeff is in conversation with Mark Wortley about mental health during Covid-19

Mark Wortley is a psychologist, facilitator and coach. He helps leaders and teams make cognitive leaps to stay ahead of the competition. And has spent 25 plus years in Human Resources consulting. He is an accredited AIM practitioner and coach who works with the Enneagram and Identity Maturation using the Aephoria Identity Map. He is a specialist in Thinking Skills such as problem solving, decision making, and creative innovation. Mark lives in Cape Town and mostly works remotely and he enjoys reading and writing, and intelligent rock music.

You can contact or on +27 82 465 0293