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Diversity and Resilience in Complexity

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    Aephoria Partners

    17 Jun 2020

Lucille Greeff hosts Sharon Shakung for the WorldsView OD Talk on 17 June 2020
Diversity in society and in organisations is not a new phenomenon. Neither is resilience. While both seem to have taken center stage in conversations and dialogues in recent times, they are age-old occurrences and so is the connection between them. As concepts and in practice, diversity and resilience are intricately linked as parts of the complex, adaptive systems we live and work in every day.  Much of our effectiveness as individuals and organisations hangs off our understanding of diversity and resilience, and our application of that knowledge in choices and decisions about how we show up and interact with others, particularly in challenging times and environments. This talk shares some insights and explores possibilities for change and transformation.

More about Sharon Shakung

Passionate about values-based leadership of self and others, Sharon works with individuals, teams and organisations as a catalyst of learning, growing awareness, growth and transformation. Her key interests and expertise are in the areas of Personal Mastery, Diversity and Inclusion, and Culture Change. Over the past 24 years, she has worked as a management consultant, and HRD & OD manager, a leadership development facilitator, and a professional coach. Her exposure spans both the public and private sectors across a range of industries. Her learning qualifications include a BSc (Chemistry) and a Postgraduate Diploma (Human Resources). She is a certified Executive and Management Coach and a 5LQ/Enneagram Practitioner, and recently completed a Negotiation and Conflict Resolution certificate programme.