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Reaching across the Enneagram into race, relationships and reflexivity.

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    Aephoria Partners

    16 Jul 2021

Lucille, Julia, and Simon are delighted to be presenting at  IEA Global Conference 202, July 16-18. Our title is Reaching across the Enneagram into race, relationships, and reflexivity. We are speaking from 12-13:30 EDT or 6 – 7:30 SA time on zoom.

This highly interactive session offers a straightforward, down-to-earth, gritty South African discussion about race and the Enneagram. Now, more than ever, the world needs to have these conversations to promote social justice. As Enneagram practitioners, we do not have the right or the luxury to bypass the current contextual reality around issues of race, equity, and inclusion.

The session explores our own relationship with race as practitioners, allowing us to also look at how these dynamics may play out for others. When we are able to work with their own racial identities and socialisation, we are then able to support others to process their reality and context and can avoid perpetuating racial wounding.

The session presents data collected through the AIM questionnaire, which combines Enneagram type measurement with a sentence completion methodology measuring vertical development. This offers a unique view of how maturity, Enneagram style, and orientation to race intersect. We will also share verbatims and short case studies from conversations about racial issues with different Enneagram styles. This session is for people who care about societal change, honest conversation, inclusion, and racial awareness in their Enneagram practice and personal development journeys.

Here is the link to the conference
Hope to see you there
Lucille, Julia, and Simon