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Dr. Julia Kukard

Julia Kukard speaks to Liezel van Arkel Of Worldsview Academy

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    Aephoria Partners

    31 Jul 2020

Julia Kukard speaks to Liezel van Arkel of Worldsview Academy

Death refers to the end of things, not just our human bodies but ways of life, ways of making sense of the world, businesses, management theories, roles, sectors, freedoms we have become accustomed to and youth (to name a few of the big ones). Most of us have interesting relationships with endings and death, often derived from our own experiences with life.

We all experience death anxiety to some extent, and this influences how we work with managing endings and deaths in our own lives, the lives of people we love and the organisations in which we work. Covid has brought a number of endings and death to organisations in many ways.

This will be an experiential and partialy theoretical session inviting you to understand your own relationship to death so that you may live life more fully and be useful in this time of great endings.

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