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Leadership Maturity & Fallback In Times of Crisis

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    Aephoria Partners

    27 May 2020

Lucille Greeff will share her experience in the field of identity and leadership maturity during this talk, including practical ways of supporting ourselves during this time.

We lead within a context and the current Covid-19 context is one that is challenging, complex and uncertain. This is the kind of context that forges who we are as human beings and leaders. Many of us will regress or fallback into earlier stages of maturity during this time, some of us will use this time to build the scaffolding for a more mature way in the world.

Who do you choose to be in this time of anxiety and change in the world? How will you lead and grow?

Speaker: Lucille Greeff

Lucille Greeff is a Chartered Organisation Development (OD) practitioner and leadership development specialist. She is a Director with Aephoria Partners and has been a longstanding faculty member with WorldsView Academy. Her work focuses on leadership maturation, systems maturation, diversity and inclusion and complex adaptive change. She is the co-author of the Aephoria Identity Map, an assessment used globally to measure Enneagram style and leadership maturity.

Podcast in association with WorldsView Academy: