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NEW! Level 3 Teams Accreditation

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    Aephoria Partners

    11 Jun 2021

This accreditation equips a practitioner to facilitate a one-on-one coaching session to surface experience and areas of development with regards to teams/group dynamics.

The package includes:

  • Pre-work in the form of e-learning missions in MyQuest online learning environment
  • Attendance at a 3-day online training course 
  • An assignment: facilitate a teams session with your case study team and write up your reflections 
  • Weekly supervision with the Aephoria community of accredited practitioners
  • A close out coaching session with the facilitator to either prepare or debrief the team workshop

This accreditation is open to both Level 1 & 2 AIM accredited practitioners. 

Getting started:

Identify a small team of 3-5 people you would like to work with. At this point, we do not recommend doing your case study work with a larger team. You may also want to choose a team that is not in crisis for your first application. Choose a team that is experiencing some challenges who want to work on it, or a healthy team that wants to become even more high-performing. Virtual teams and virtual facilitation of team coaching sessions are welcome, you do not need to be in a position where you can work with the teams in person.

What you can promise the team:

Included in training fees:
·        Each person in the team will get a full AIM assessment (Enneagram + IMf).
·        The team will get a full AIM for Teams report.

Not included in training fees, you would need to invest/sell to the client:
·        Your time to provided one-on-one feedback on the individual AIM report to each member of the team
·        Your preparation and facilitation time with the team
·        Close-out and follow-up conversations with the team leader post-workshop

Team coaching sessions and workshops vary depending on the team and the issues. Some process designs typically involve:
·        2-day workshop, with a 2-3 hour follow up session 6-8 weeks later
·        Multiple 2-hour sessions covering different coaching topics/issues
·        4 x ½ day sessions

At a minimum, the team needs to commit to a 4-hour workshop (or 2×2-hours) to debrief the AIM results for the system. Preferably the team is able to commit to more than just the minimum requirement.

What you need to provide us prior to starting accreditation:

  • Name of the company, name of the team, name of the team leader, names and email addresses of all team members.

You do not have to do the individual debriefs prior to the Level 3 workshop accreditation.

Upcoming Level 3 accreditation dates

11-13 August  2021(US Time Zone*)
8-10 September 2021 (US Time Zone*)

*Johannesburg 4-12 PM (UTC +2)
EST/EDT 10:00 AM – 6.00 PM
CST/CDT 9:00 AM – 5.00PM
MST/MDT 8:00 AM – 4.00PM
PST/PDT 7:00 AM – 3.00PM

Lead facilitator: Lucille Greeff
Cost: R9,100 (+VAT) / $675*
*as of 1 June 2021 all PayPal transactions include 5% PayPal service fee 
*Excludes once-off per user fee for Learning Management System of $50 / R700 + VAT