level 4
accredit in AIM for facillitation

Accredit in AIM for Facilitation to understand the integration and optimisation of Enneagram and Maturity within a group setting as a workshop facilitator. Let us help you to unlock high-impact sustainable group facilitation skills.


11 - 19 March 24





AIM for facillitation course outline

  • Attendance at 4 x four-hour online modules covering Enneagram and Maturity dynamics in a group environment.

  • Self-managed self-study on the MyQuest E-learning platform prior to beginning the course.

  • Complete your accreditation assignment of a 1-2 hour live facilitation session during the programme.

  • Closing coaching session (30 minutes).

  • Voluntary group supervision; online Aephoria community gatherings twice a month for two hours.

learning outcomes for
level 4 - accredit in AIM for facilitation

Coaches with Level 4 AIM for Facilitation stand to gain a multitude of insights and skills. Chiefly, you will deepen your understanding of how to facilitate capably and thoughtfully with the Enneagram and Maturity frameworks, enhancing your own personal development and professional practice, as well as transforming the potency and outcomes of your group interventions.

On the programme, the Aephoria coaches will support participants to construct mature, well-integrated development strategies for your clients. Further, you will gain a deeper understanding of the nuanced relationship between horizontal and vertical development coaching.

Beyond the foundational understanding of Enneagram and Maturity, you will also learn how to shift discussions from mere typology to a broader developmental perspective. There is also a strong emphasis on how to foster sensitivity and skill in applying these frameworks across diverse environments and groups.

benefits of level 4 AIM for facilitation

Aephoria Logo for Organisational Maturity

Learning Design

Provides a powerful framework for designing learning sessions using the Enneagram and Maturity.

Aephoria logo for Organisational Culture

Facilitation Practice

Opportunities to practice facilitation skills and get feedback from other facilitators in a live environment.

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Allows the coach to intervene at a process level, not just through content alone.

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Tools in the Toolkit

Participants share exercises and approaches with each other for future use.

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Contains compelling information on specific conversations, processes, and types of intervention that can accelerate development.

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Completion of a portfolio of evidence that allows for a full
IEA-certified Enneagram qualification.

our clients love AIM


Thank you so much Aephoria for the opportunity to be a participant in the Level 1 Enneagram program. I have studied the Enneagram for many years and your perspective was refreshing and I found great value in your wisdom and point of view.

Marla Skibbins, Level Up EQ, USA


I can't recommend the AIM and the Aephoria accreditation training enough, and the support from the people at Aephoria that comes along with them. I am grateful for their wisdom and inspiring offerings to the world of leadership development in organizations

Todd Iarussi, Rhinomind Coaching, USA


The resources that Aephoria makes available exceed expectations in all ways: quality, variety, and volume. Aephoria has designed a strong programme with backbone and heart.

Helena Dolny, South Africa