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Online Level 1 & 2 AIM accreditation

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    Aephoria Partners

    30 Jul 2021


Join our vibrant, global community of Enneagram and Maturity practitioners by signing up for our upcoming Level 1 Enneagram or continue your AIM training and join us for Level 2 IMf training.

In meeting the needs of our community and making it possible for participants to join us from South Africa and abroad, we have shifted our Level 1 and 2 AIM accreditation training dates and times as follows:

Level 1 Enneagram training:

August 16th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 30th from 18.00-21.00 SAST/ 9.00-12.00 PDT/ 11.00-13.00 CDT/ 10.00-12.00 MDT/ 12.00-15.00 EDT

R6,500 (excl VAT) / $475*

Level 2 Identity Maturation framework (IMf) training:

September 22rd, 23rd, 29th & 30th 16.00-21.00 SAST/ 07:00-11.00 PDT/ 9:00-13.00 CDT/08:00-12.00 MDT/ 10:00-14.00 EDT

R7,900 (excl VAT) / $575*


Practitioner requirements

Intrinsic skills
– A willingness and humility to learn about self
– Openness to new things
– Mature practitioner with agency and self-awareness

Extrinsic experiences and knowledge
– Commitment to own therapy and development (any modality)
– Solid coaching, counseling, or psychotherapy background
– Some experience with working with people, either in corporate or elsewhere
– Ideally in supervision

*excludes once-off LMS user fee of R750 (+VAT) / $50

The AEPT is a training programme available to coaches, therapists, facilitators, HR professionals, OD practitioners and human development specialists. It offers a comprehensive, certified programme that develops people from novice Enneagram practitioners to skilled professionals able to work in the one-on-one, team and group facilitation space with the Enneagram (within scope of practice). Aephoria has been an International Enneagram Association school for the past number of years and the certification forms part of our offering as an IEA school.