AIM for enneagram conversion course

Complete the globally-recognised and accredited Aephoria AIM for Enneagram Conversion Course and start using the fastest accurate Enneagram test in the world after just 4-6 hours of E-learning.





is the AIM for enneagram
conversion course for you?

The AIM for Enneagram Conversion Course is tailored to seasoned Enneagram practitioners seeking to upgrade their coaching practice through the use of our powerful, fast, reliable AIM for Enneagram test.

The Conversion Course explores the Aephoria approach to working with the Enneagram, as well as how to interpret our suite of AIM reports, how to conduct AIM feedback sessions, the practicalities of buying and launching assessments, and how to access free group supervision and further accreditations.

If you're ready to dial up the power of your Enneagram-based coaching practice and move towards unlocking the added benefits of working with the Enneagram and Maturity in combination, sign up today.

AIM for enneagram
conversion course outline

Mission 1: What is AIM?
Mission 2: Adult Development Theory.
Mission 3: Developmental Coaching.

Mission 4: Working from context
Mission 5: Maps and mirrors
Mission 6: Wings and lines
Mission 7: AIM feedback sessions
Mission 8: Assessment 1

Mission 9: How does AIM work?
Mission 10: Enneagram overview
Mission 11: Report step through
Mission 12: Languages
Mission 13: Assessment 2

Mission 14: Using the AIM portal
Mission 15: How to buy assessments
Mission 16: Working with teams
Mission 16: Marketing Support

Mission 18: Group supervision
Mission 19: Further accreditation
Mission 20: Merchandise
Mission 20: Talk to us

meet your coach

Lucille Greeff

Lucille is the Chief Product Officer at Aephoria and a Chartered Organisation Development practitioner and Psychometrist working extensively in personal, team, and organisational transformation. She specialises in working in the finance, conservation, IT, higher education, and not-for-profit sectors in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the United States. She has been training and supervising coaches in the Enneagram for more than 15 years.

Lucille holds a Masters in Development Studies, is a member of the International Enneagram Association, is a Chartered OD practitioner with the SABPP, and is registered with the HPCSA as a psychometrist.

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our AIM promise


Tired of Long Courses?

We give you a comprehensive yet concise learning experience, becoming accredited in just 4-6 hours.

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Frustrated with Surface-Level Content?

We delve deeply into the Enneagram's most profound features, avoiding the superficial, slick dialogue that can sometimes be found on accreditation programmes.


Desperate for Hands-On Training?

We make sure that we teach real-world applications based on decades of experience running Enneagram-based development programmes.

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Bored with uninspiring training?

We are also tired of static, unengaging content and commit to providing a dynamic, interactive E-learning experience.

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Yearning for Connection and Support?

We know what it feels like to feel isolated, which is why we have created a vibrant, global Aephoria community of like-minded Enneagram and Maturity enthusiasts.


Shocked by Expensive Training Options?

We are committed to keeping our pricing well below competitor rates.

benefits of completing
the AIM for enneagram conversion course

The AIM for Enneagram Conversion Course promises to enhance your professional capabilities
and positively impact your magic in the realm of Enneagram coaching.
The benefits of the programme are:

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Interactive Learning

Dive into interactive videos and case studies and benefit from personal one-on-one sessions that boost your confidence and understanding of the Enneagram.

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As you embrace the AIM for Enneagram assessment, we are confident that you will come to rely on it for its accurate and reliable typing. The credibility of the assessment will lead to even greater credibility for your coaching.

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We want you to feel supported and cared for. Completing the course allows you to activate your relationship with Aephoria and our global coach community, giving you access to continuous support and resources.

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Exclusive Access

Access preferential rates to accredit in our Level 2 (AIM for Maturity) assessment tool, while also understanding the potential of integrating Maturity with the Enneagram.

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Peace of mind

Manage your assessment administration seamlessly with the user-friendly, clear and efficient Aephoria coach portal.

frequently asked questions
AIM for enneagram conversion course

While the course is designed to be comprehensive, most participants complete it in just four to six hours, allowing for an efficient yet thorough learning experience.

It's recommended that participants have prior experience or knowledge of the Enneagram, as this is an advanced course meant to support you to use the AIM for Enneagram assessment.

If you do not have prior knowledge of the Enneagram, we encourage you to explore our Level 1 - Accredit in AIM for Enneagram, tailored for entry-level Enneagram practitioners.

The course is hosted on the acclaimed MyQuest E-Learning platform, which offers a seamless and interactive online learning experience.

Yes. Once you've completed the course, you'll gain access to free group supervision and further accreditations and become a member of the Aephoria global coach community.

Please get in touch with our team for more details.

Yes. After completing the course, participants will become accredited to use the AIM for Enneagram assessment.

We believe in providing the most up-to-date content. Our course materials are reviewed and updated regularly to reflect the latest developments and research in the field of Enneagram.

Certainly. Once enrolled, you'll have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit and refresh your knowledge whenever you wish.

our clients love
AIM for enneagram conversion course

Mbuyiselo Yanta Image

Completing the Aephoria training has been transformative for me. The training has provided valuable practical tools and frameworks, including the Enneagram and Identity Maturity Framework, enhancing

both my coaching skills and personal development. The training continues to boost my confidence , and the team effectively models strategies for improving in my coaching work. The Aephoria training continues to be a highly enriching experience that is positively impacting both my professional and personal growth.

Mbuyiselo Yanta

Mark leyba Image (1)

I've tried various Enneagram assessments over the years, but Aephoria's reliability in identifying one's Enneagram type is unmatched. As a coach and facilitator, I rely on it for both individual coaching sessions and

group workshops. The reflection questions and insights provided in the assessment report are a treasure trove for coaching and workshop facilitation. Whether you’re new to using the Enneagram or a seasoned practitioner, Aephoria’s Enneagram assessment is an indispensable tool that you should add to your tool kit.

Mark Leyba

unnamed (3) (1)

The Aephoria Enneagram Level 1 Training was an incredible opportunity to be trained by Lucille, one of the most dynamic and skillful facilitators I’ve ever experienced! The virtual classroom was a rich and

interactive container that allowed us to connect with thoughtful practitioners from across 3 continents in an extremely diverse setting. I especially appreciated the ways in which race, power and inequality were acknowledged and space was made to share the ways in which our upbringing informs and influences our personality. In acknowledging this, we were able to cultivate a deeper compassion for each other and see our shared humanity through the lens of the Enneagram.

Anike Akridge


Level 1: Enneagram

AIM Accreditation


Level 1: Enneagram

AIM Accreditation


Level 2 : Maturity

AIM Accreditation


Level 2 : Maturity

AIM Accreditation


Level 3: Teams

AIM Accreditation


Level 4: Facilitation

AIM Accreditation