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Enhance your coaching practice with the Level 1 AIM for Enneagram, and access the world’s fastest premium Enneagram assessment to enrich your clients’ lives.

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AIM for enneagram course outline

  • Online assessment and feedback session (60 minutes) on the Enneagram with an Aephoria coach.

  • Identification of two case studies.

  • Self-managed study on the MyQuest E-learning platform prior to course commencement.

  • Attendance at 4 x four-hour online modules introducing the Enneagram and working with the Enneagram.

  • Pair and individual homework between modules.

  • Assignment: Completing client case study feedback sessions and submitting verbatim transcript with commentary.

  • Close-out coaching session (30 minutes).

  • Voluntary group supervision; regular online Aephoria community gatherings for two hours per session.

learning outcomes for the
level 1 AIM for enneagram

Navigating the world of coaching means continuously growing with tools like the AIM for Enneagram to better serve your clients. Our Level 1 Accreditation invites you to move past basic typing with the Enneagram, explore identity expansion, overcome stuck moments with clients, and guide them towards leadership growth.

Our focus? To ensure that every Enneagram coach can approach clients from all backgrounds with sensitivity, making this tool inclusive and resonant. Plus, we’ll ensure you’re technically competent and ready to confidently apply these tools practically in your coaching sessions.

benefits of level 1 AIM for enneagram

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Optimally priced, ensuring great value without compromising on quality.

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Academically Robust

Endorsed by independent experts for its rigorous scientific foundations.

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Distils deep insights from only 24 questions.

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A trailblazing merge of Enneagram insights with Maturity theory and practice.

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Streamlined and beautiful reports and interfaces enhance the coaching experience and client impact.

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Caters to diverse clients with multiple language options.

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The Aephoria assessment and accreditation has had a profound impact on my continued personal development, more importantly the manner in which I now am able to help people. It assisted

me to understand the lens through which I make sense of events as well as the strategy I formulated in order to feel safe in the world. Through the process I learnt that my way of being was limited and that it no longer served me. I discovered that I am much more than my enneagram type or maturation stage. This understanding is key to the impact I make for my clients.

Kugan Pillay

Marla Skibbins image

Thank you so much Aephoria for the opportunity to be a participant in the Level 1 Enneagram program. I have studied the enneagram for many years and your perspective was refreshing and I found great

value in your wisdom and point of view.

Lucille’s facilitation was welcoming, open and warm and from the moment I was in her presence I knew that I was in good and capable hands. Her insights and deft handling of the group was just what we needed to get the most out of the program. Thank you again!!

Marla Skibbins

Patricia Weijzen Image

The AIM assessments are inextricably linked with my developmental leadership coaching journeys: the combo of the enneagram personality system and the maturity levels offers a mirror and a map and

a unique and powerful entrance into the (inner) world of the client. I have not met a client that is not blown away by the accurate, revealing and often sharp, pointy description of themselves. They re-visit the reports many times over the course of the coaching program and the discoveries and insights support their new narratives.

Patricia Weijzen


Level 1: Enneagram

AIM Accreditation


Level 1: Enneagram

AIM Accreditation


Level 2 : Maturity

AIM Accreditation


Level 2 : Maturity

AIM Accreditation


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Level 4: Facilitation

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