level 3
accredit in AIM for teams

Master team coaching with the Level 3 AIM for Teams, honing your skills to transform group dynamics and improve leadership effectiveness in teams and groups.






10, 12, 17, 19 September 2024

AIM for teams course outline

  • One-on-one coaching session to explore experience and areas of development with regards to team/group dynamics.

  • Identification of a case study team (three to seven people).

  • Self-managed study on the MyQuest E-learning platform prior to course commencement.

  • Attendance at 4 x four-hour modules online covering vertical development and maturity.

  • Pair and individual homework between modules.

  • Completion of feedback sessions and recording submission with commentary on successes and areas of development.

  • Closing coaching session (30 minutes).

  • Voluntary group supervision; regular online Aephoria community gatherings for two hours per session.

learning outcomes for
level 3 AIM for teams

After completing Level 3 AIM for Teams, you will have improved your team coaching and facilitation competency while adopting a sensitivity to working in diverse environments. You will also get to deepen and grow your relationship with the AIM for Teams assessment for use in your practice, and leverage beautiful and powerful reports that support transformation, invite change, and unlock multiple entry points for long-term developmental work.

Additionally, you will build solid, mature, and integrated ways of working with your clients when using the Enneagram and Maturity frameworks. In this accreditation programme, you will deepen your understanding of the relationship between horizontal and vertical development in support of developmental team coaching. You are invited to go beyond the Enneagram and Maturity typing to explore identity expansion, to work with stuckness, to understand the process of maturity, and to enable sustainable team cohesion.

You will emerge with a comprehensive technical understanding of the AIM assessments to ensure the confident application of the tool in your client work.

benefits of level 3 AIM for teams

Four Leaves


Provides a powerful framework for team workshop design, content, and process.

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Offers a deep understanding of team and leadership challenges.

Aephoria logo for Leadership Development


Allows the coach to intervene at a process level, not just through content alone.

Aephoria Logo for Team Development


Enables the coach to address the meta themes and narratives hiding beneath a team's surface.

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Contains compelling information on specific conversations, processes, and types of intervention that can accelerate team maturity.

Three Leaves


Offers insightful indications of specific, custom development goals for a given team.

our clients love AIM

Ingrid Hurwitz Image

I would highly recommend the AIM/ Enneagram accreditation programme offered by Aephoria for the following reasons: The Aephoria facilitators deep specialist theoretical and conceptual knowledge

and critical perspectives, as well as socio-historically and contextually sensitive technical/ procedural application experience. They have deep and critically reflexive knowledge of adult ego development theory and its application in OD and coaching which they have ingeniously combined with the Enneagram with depth and rigour.

The facilitators are brilliant and inspiring. They facilitate what one famous cognitive science calls “participatory knowing” through their active, immersive and experiential teaching methods.

They have the most unbelievably generous approach to post-training professional development, learning application support, and continuous learning. Their supervision sessions are powerful and transformative.

Aephoria operates from a tangibly ethical base of integrity. As a “customer” I feel a personal values alignment with this group of people in terms of their benevolent social and human intent, generosity, truthfulness and respect for people and their investments.

Ingrid Hurwitz

unnamed (2) (1)

The Aephoria assessment and accreditation has had a profound impact on my continued personal development, more importantly the manner in which I now am able to help people. It assisted

me to understand the lens through which I make sense of events as well as the strategy I formulated in order to feel safe in the world. Through the process I learnt that my way of being was limited and that it no longer served me. I discovered that I am much more than my enneagram type or maturation stage. This understanding is key to the impact I make for my clients.

Kugan Pillay

Mbuyiselo Yanta Image

Completing the Aephoria training has been transformative for me. The training has provided valuable practical tools and frameworks, including the Enneagram and Identity Maturity Framework, enhancing

both my coaching skills and personal development. The training continues to boost my confidence , and the team effectively models strategies for improving in my coaching work. The Aephoria training continues to be a highly enriching experience that is positively impacting both my professional and personal growth.

Mbuyiselo Yanta