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Inner World, Outer Impact: The Ripple Effect of a Leader’s Personality

A business owner’s personality can dictate the direction of their organisation. This begs the question: how does your personality show up in your organisation? Does…

Holding Hands with Chaos: How to Deal with Uncertainty and Stabilise Your Inner World

“We need to be able to think in chaos,” urges Dr. Julia Kukard. “And the…

Ethical Innovation: One of the World’s First AI-Powered Maturity Assessment

Unlike humans, “a machine isn’t affected by whether or not it’s had its coffee yet,”…

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Regulating “Heat” in Vertical Development

In this conversation with coach and facilitator Lucille Greeff we explore how the global south can inform how the global north holds coaching, adult development…

Aephoria & Teaching the Enneagram in South Africa

In this episode of the International Enneagram Association podcast, Milton Stewart speaks with Lucille Greeff…

The role of adult development in nation building

The role of adult development in nation building with Julia Kukard – How can ADT…


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Coaching Trends Report

case studies

Diversity and Inclusion

Karen and Russell, two of the L&D heads of the Corporate University of a major…

Organisational development

Anet, the Managing Director of an award-winning NGO in the Health Sector, specialising in HIV…

Servant leadership

Aephoria’s programmes are tuned to organisational and personal needs and thus this servant leadership programme…

Women’s Leadership Development

A leading South African academic institution identified the need for a leadership programme specialising in…

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