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The Enneagram and Trauma Course

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    Aephoria Partners

    04 Aug 2021

A new offering by Ingrid Hurwitz: The Enneagram and Trauma

A eighteen hour (6×3 hours) online immersive workshop series – taking place on Mondays 6, 13, 20, 27 Sept and 4, 11 October from 18.00-21.00 SAST/ 9.00-12.00 PDT/ 11.00-13.00 CDT/ 10.00-12.00 MDT/ 12.00-15.00 EDT.

Why would you do this course?

The Enneagram and Trauma reveals Type-specific pathways to healing, presence, and recovering the instinctual wisdom of our mind, heart, and gut centres.

Encountering powerful Enneagram teachings, as well as the latest scientific trauma research insights into individual and collective trauma, you will discover the trauma patterns that lead to the instinctual distortions behind Type, as well as understand, and be able to work with, the unconscious defences that keep us dissociated and disconnected from our own life force, creativity, and human potential.

You will walk away with powerful keys to change in the form of new Enneagram knowledge and understanding, new personal perspectives and insights, and new skills to take into your relationships and roles, whether as a leader, coach, therapist, facilitator or teacher.

For all course details and to sign up, please follow the link: