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Virtual Course Offerings

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    13 Aug 2021

Virtual offerings in our network for 2021

What might be of value to you?

The Enneagram and Trauma by Ingrid Hurwitz: Sep/Oct 2021

An eighteen-hour (6×3 hours) online immersive workshop series.

The Enneagram and Trauma reveals Type-specific pathways to healing, presence, and recovering the instinctual wisdom of our mind, heart, and gut centres.

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Somatic Sandbox with Caroline Quaife: Oct/Nov 2021

What is the Somatic Sandbox?
A space for coaches to practise ways to tune into the intelligence of your body, aligning mind, body, and spirit to find vitality, positive choices, and growth for yourself and your clients.

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Contact Caroline for more details.

Examined Life groups with Allison Joyner

Explorative discussion groups for professionals in the caring fields.

Online group sessions: 1.5 hours monthly over six months. Dates to be decided with participants.

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Contact Allison for more details.

Autism and neurodiversity courses at The New School of Counselling and Psychotherapy:

NSPC provides a range of online postgraduate qualifications that can develop your understanding of autism and neurodiversity. The online courses provide in-depth theory, understanding of clinical issues and practice, and research skills.

The Existential Academy:

The EA provides a range of workshops and short courses covering topics such as coaching, existential and autism and neurodiversity. Their workshops will be updated in the coming months. For more information and to keep an eye out for more online sessions go to: