AIM assessments for enneagram and maturity

Become an accredited AIM coach and unlock transformative insights for you and your clients. AIM by Aephoria is unique in the world, as it is the first assessment tool that integrates both Enneagram and Maturity into one powerful, insightful assessment and report.

introduction to AIM

Maps make travel easier, offering a glimpse of what lies ahead on our journey. Similarly, assessments provide insights into our inner world, aiding self-understanding and effective communication. Yet, not all assessments are equal, and selecting a proven and academically backed tool is crucial.

The AIM by Aephoria assessments excel in reliability and impact, empowering coaches and clients alike.

We understand your quest for independence and distinction, offering top-tier assessments, and providing accessible, valid, and efficient tools to elevate your practice in a competitive landscape.

AIM by Aephoria offers a comprehensive suite of personality and maturity assessments and is a global first in combining the Enneagram and Maturity.

AIM by Aephoria 1

AIM by aephoria: two assessments in one

AIM combines two assessments into one.
The first is a personality assessment (using the Enneagram), and the second measures where a person's worldview is developmentally.
Together, the Enneagram and the Maturity frameworks reveal a map of self/personality within the boundaries of a person's maturity.

For example, a mature Enneagram Three shows up differently from a less mature Enneagram Three.
Thus, AIM provides a map of self/personality through the Enneagram while also considering maturity.

AIM for Enneagram Assessment

The Enneagram is a launch pad for personal growth, illuminating the core motivations and fears that drive human behaviour. The globally renowned AIM for Enneagram assessment is meticulously designed to provide deeper insight into these personality complexities, efficiently comparing Enneagram styles and identifying your clients Trifix, primary type, and instinct.

AIM for Maturity Assessment

AIM for Maturity, built on 13 years of research, offers a unique look into personal growth and leadership. Through the completion of 15 open-ended sentences, participants get a clear view of their emotional, cognitive, and moral development. It's not about right or wrong answers; it's about genuine self-reflection.

the minds behind AIM

AIM by Aephoria was created by Lucille Greeff, Dr. Simon Kettleborough, and Dr. Julia Kukard. and  Together, their expertise covers the domains of psychology, leadership, coaching and organisational development and they have over 80 years of experience in these fields.

AIM by Aephoria stands unrivalled in academic rigour.

Aephoria-Simon-Kettleborough 1

Dr. Simon Kettleborough

  • Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy from Middlesex University

  • MSc. in Sustainable Development with Distinction from London University

  • MBA with Distinction from Warwick University

  • BA Honours degree in Modern Languages and Music from Durham University

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management from Leicester University

Julia (1)

Dr. Julia Kukard

  • Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy from Middlesex University

  • MBA from the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB)

  • Honours degree and MA in Art History from the University of Cape Town (UCT)

  • BA in Psychology and Art History

Lucille (1)

Lucille Greeff

  • MA in Development Studies from the University of Johannesburg

  • BA Honours in Psychology from the University of Johannesburg

  • BA in Political Science from the University of Johannesburg

  • International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited Teacher and Professional Member

  • HPSCA-registered Psychometrist

transformative benefits of
AIM by aephoria

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Enhance Communication

With a newfound language of self, communicate more effectively with others at work and at home.

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Robust Insights

Built on rigorous research and scientific validation, AIM ensures you can trust the accuracy of results.

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Empower Decision Making

Gain clarity on strengths and growth areas to confidently navigate personal and professional life.

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Offering outstanding value for money, AIM stands apart and sets the benchmark for cost-effective, reliable, and valid assessments in today's global market.

Four Leaves

Guided Growth

Tailor personal and professional development plans with clear direction.

Three Leaves


Coaches can choose from various report options, ensuring each assessment is tailored to specific needs.

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AIM enables coaches and leadership development practitioners to measure pre and post intervention maturity shifts in individuals, in groups and in organisations.

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With just 24 questions in the Enneagram assessment and 15 sentences to complete in the Maturity assessment, AIM respects participants' time without compromising the quality and accuracy of results.

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Holistic Understanding

Dive deep into both personality and maturity for a comprehensive view. AIM for Maturity's unique sentence completion method gathers rich qualitative data to offer vital indicators of an individual's life and context.

AIM for teams

By combining the personality and maturity insights from the AIM for Enneagram and Maturity assessment, coaches can enable leaders to understand their team's strengths, passions, and opportunities for growth.

By understanding and celebrating both unity and differences, teams can rapidly dial-up and achieve peak performance. All this is possible with the AIM for Teams assessment.

receive instant insights with AIM reports

The AIM by Aephoria suite of reports delivers powerful insights and supports rapid transformation. AIM is the tool coaches have been waiting for to unlock new levels of self awareness and transformative personal growth. Seamlessly integrating groundbreaking Enneagram and Maturity frameworks, the reports function as both a mirror to reflect a person's unique humanity and a map to guide them towards a more fulfilling future.

What sets this report apart is its ability to simplify complex frameworks into a highly accessible, easy-to-read format, empowering coaches and clients with actionable insights at a glance.

You can also import other Enneagram test data or older Enneagram assessments and reports into our AIM platform, which then generates our beautiful AIM for Enneagram Report for you to use.

start your journey with AIM

We're here to elevate your coaching experience. Say goodbye to long questionnaires, waiting for results, and hefty costs. With Aephoria, you can become a sought-after developmental coach and instantly stand apart.


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Level 1: Enneagram

11, 13, 18, 20 July 2024


Level 1: Enneagram

27, 29 Aug & 3, 5 Sept 2024


Level 2 : Maturity

11, 13, 18, 20 June 2024


Level 2 : Maturity

15, 17, 22, 24 October 2024


Level 3: Teams

10, 12, 17, 19 September 2024


Level 4: Facilitation

1, 3, 8, 14 October 2024


AIM is available in these languages

English • German • French • Spanish • Portuguese • Slovakian • Hungarian • Dutch • Tsonga • Xhosa • Sotho • Afrikaans

our coaches love AIM

Marla Skibbins image

Thank you so much Aephoria for the opportunity to be a participant in the Level 1 Enneagram program. I have studied the enneagram for many years and your perspective was refreshing and I found great

value in your wisdom and point of view.

Lucille’s facilitation was welcoming, open and warm and from the moment I was in her presence I knew that I was in good and capable hands. Her insights and deft handling of the group was just what we needed to get the most out of the program. Thank you again!!

Marla Skibbins

Mbuyiselo Yanta Image

Completing the Aephoria training has been transformative for me. The training has provided valuable practical tools and frameworks, including the Enneagram and Identity Maturity Framework, enhancing

both my coaching skills and personal development. The training continues to boost my confidence , and the team effectively models strategies for improving in my coaching work. The Aephoria training continues to be a highly enriching experience that is positively impacting both my professional and personal growth.

Mbuyiselo Yanta

Ingrid Hurwitz Image

I would highly recommend the AIM/ Enneagram accreditation programme offered by Aephoria for the following reasons: The Aephoria facilitators deep specialist theoretical and conceptual knowledge

and critical perspectives, as well as socio-historically and contextually sensitive technical/ procedural application experience. They have deep and critically reflexive knowledge of adult ego development theory and its application in OD and coaching which they have ingeniously combined with the Enneagram with depth and rigour.

The facilitators are brilliant and inspiring. They facilitate what one famous cognitive science calls “participatory knowing” through their active, immersive and experiential teaching methods.

They have the most unbelievably generous approach to post-training professional development, learning application support, and continuous learning. Their supervision sessions are powerful and transformative.

Aephoria operates from a tangibly ethical base of integrity. As a “customer” I feel a personal values alignment with this group of people in terms of their benevolent social and human intent, generosity, truthfulness and respect for people and their investments.

Ingrid Hurwitz