AIM for teams assessment
- enneagram and maturity for teams

Harness the AIM for Teams Enneagram and Maturity assessment to drive teams towards a
unified, mature worldview, optimising collaboration and overall results.

what is AIM for teams?

AIM by Aephoria stands out globally for being the pioneering assessment tool that seamlessly incorporates both the Enneagram and Maturity into a single, clear, concise report.

The AIM for Teams Assessment looks at each team member’s Enneagram types and Maturity to understand team dynamics and offer insights into each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and how they collaborate, as well as producing an overall picture of the team’s maturity, worldview, and level of working.

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enneagram for teams

The Enneagram for Teams report offers a concise,
easy-to-understand distribution of all team members and how much each Enneagram style is represented within the team. The team archetype as represented by the team Trifix, and team strengths, strengths over-expressed, and blind spots are also included.

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maturity for teams

The Maturity for Teams report highlights the range of maturity stages in the team, including analysis by maturity theme, at an individual and aggregated team level. The report also details
fallback and growth edges for team development, along with an enlightening developmental hotspot analysis.

why should you accredit in AIM for teams?

Completing AIM for Teams offers a gateway to mastering team coaching and facilitation, equipping you with the skills to navigate diverse environments and drive transformative change within groups. By deepening your understanding of the Enneagram and Maturity frameworks, you'll enhance your ability to support clients in their developmental journeys, fostering sustainable team cohesion and unlocking new pathways for growth.

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AIM for Teams
Benefits the Team Leader

AIM for Teams equips the team leader with actionable strategies to lead individuals in a healthier and more effective way. Leaders will delve deep into the nuances of team interactions, understanding the root causes of conflicts and transforming them into opportunities.

A significant element of AIM for Teams is boosting the team leader’s self-and-other awareness. Coaches can encourage team leaders to welcome introspection into how their own leadership style can be an asset or obstacle to team growth.

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AIM for Teams
Benefits the Team

AIM for Teams develops a mature team with a worldview characterised by multiple perspectives, diversity, and capacity for authentic collaboration. By also promoting compassion and valuing diverse perspectives, teams experience improved decision-making and a constructive approach to working with conflict.

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AIM for Teams
Benefits the Team Coach

AIM for Teams provides a structured framework for coaches that informs team workshop design, ensuring the content and process are strategically aligned.

Rather than just focusing on surface-level content, coaches are empowered to delve deeper, intervening at a process level to address underlying issues. The assessment provides crucial intelligence on conversations and interventions that can rapidly accelerate a team’s growth and maturity.

what you’ll receive from the AIM for teams assessment

At its core, AIM for Teams provides a comprehensive Enneagram and Maturity overview. You will gain insight into the Enneagram distribution of every team member and of the collective, as well as potent insights into individual and group personality profiles.

This helps teams to understand the prevalence of each Enneagram style within their group, identifying areas of strength and potential imbalance.

Further, the assessment dives into decoding team archetypes by discovering your team’s Trifix, revealing the primary archetypal dynamics at play within a group. This is complemented by a spotlight on the team’s core strengths, potential over-expressions, and blind spots, enabling targeted development.

A unique feature of the assessment is its focus on instinctual insights, which delve into the team’s instinctual stacking, illuminating innate drives and motivations. Meanwhile, Maturity mapping assesses the range of maturity stages within the team, providing theme-specific analysis to inform developmental strategies.

Lastly, the assessment helps teams identify pathways for progress and understand their fallback tendencies and growth edges.

a simple report with significant insights

With the AIM for Teams report, you’ll have everything you need to coach team synergy and promote operational excellence. The report includes an easy-to-read, yet comprehensive Enneagram and Maturity overview to help leaders understand the diverse personalities within their teams.

But the report goes far beyond that. It also breaks down the team’s collective strengths and potential imbalances, spotlights the team’s Trifix, and reveals essential dynamics at play.

An added layer of depth comes from mapping the team’s instinctual subtype, exploring the team’s innate drives and motivations. Maturity mapping further enriches the picture by evaluating the spectrum of maturity stages within any specific team.

Our report unlocks multiple entry points for long-term developmental work; this is a report that just keeps on delivering.

frequently asked questions
about AIM for teams

The AIM for Teams accreditation costs R14,375.00 / $1,435. You can also purchase the accreditation at an early bird discounted rate for only R13,225.00 / $1,325

The AIM for Teams Assessment costs R1 810 / $181.

While individual assessments focus on a person's unique traits and growth areas, the AIM for Teams assessment looks at the collective dynamics, capturing the overall team's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development.

On average, teams can expect to spend between 30-45 minutes on the assessment.

This assessment will benefit any coach, team leader, or team looking to enhance collaboration, understand underlying conflicts, and foster a more productive work environment.

Absolutely! In today's digital age, the AIM for Teams Assessment is designed to cater to both in-person and virtual teams, ensuring every team can benefit.

A detailed report will be provided after the assessment, breaking down the team's dynamics, strengths, and areas for improvement. We recommend a follow-up session with a certified coach to ensure a deep understanding and to map out actionable steps.

Yes, it's encouraged! Retaking the assessment after implementing developmental actions can provide insights into the team's growth and areas that still need attention.

our coaches love AIM

Mbuyiselo Yanta Image

Completing the Aephoria training has been transformative for me. The training has provided valuable practical tools and frameworks, including the Enneagram and Identity Maturity Framework, enhancing both my coaching skills and personal development.

The training continues to boost my confidence , and the team effectively models strategies for improving in my coaching work. The Aephoria training continues to be a highly enriching experience that is positively impacting both my professional and personal growth.

Mbuyiselo Yanta

Todd Larussi Image

The AIM assessment has had a powerful impact on coaching engagements thus far, opening clients to the idea of themselves on personal and leadership development journeys. It has been a great complement to 360 feedback and their own career aspirations.

I can't recommend the AIM and the Aephoria accreditation training enough, and the support from the people at Aephoria that comes along with them. I am grateful for their wisdom and inspiring offerings to the world of leadership development in organizations.

Todd Iarussi

unnamed (2) (1)

The Aephoria assessment and accreditation has had a profound impact on my continued personal development, more importantly the manner in which I now am able to help people. It assisted me to understand the lens through which I make sense of

events as well as the strategy I formulated in order to feel safe in the world. Through the process I learnt that my way of being was limited and that it no longer served me. I discovered that I am much more than my enneagram type or maturation stage. This understanding is key to the impact I make for my clients.

Kugan Pillay


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