why AIM?

Choose AIM to unlock transformative development for your clients and become
a mature, wise, sought-after developmental coach in the Enneagram and Maturity.

what is AIM?

AIM presents coaches and development practitioners with a full suite of personality and maturity assessments to support, accelerate, and enhance professional and personal development.

To utilise the AIM assessments, you must become an accredited coach. AIM Accreditations are comprehensive, certified accreditations that develop people from novice Enneagram practitioners to skilled professionals able to work in the one-on-one, team, and group facilitation space with the Enneagram and Maturity Framework (within the scope of practice).

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why AIM for enneagram?

AIM for Enneagram is a scientifically validated and highly accurate tool rooted in the foundational concepts and intelligence of the Enneagram system. Hosted securely online, this is the world's fastest, premium Enneagram test, consisting of 24 selected questions from a pool of 156 items, all focusing on individual attributes and motivations. The respondent ranks these questions in terms of 'most' and 'least' relevance.

The assessment offers insights to support self-awareness, other-awareness and system-awareness.

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why AIM for maturity?

Backed by over 58 years of collective professional experience from Dr. Simon Kettleborough, Dr. Julia Kukard, and Lucille Greeff, AIM for Maturity is the most dynamic maturity assessment in the world today. It utilises 15 open-ended sentence stems to enable honest self-expression, and responses are evaluated by two human experts and supplemented by cutting-edge machine learning to ensure accuracy.

Coaches who are accredited in AIM for Maturity can use the AIM for Maturity assessment within their coaching practice.

The Aephoria Identity Map (AIM) is the ideal tool for seasoned and discerning coaches.

The AIM by Aephoria suite of assessments provides targeted insights into maturity, personality, and inclusivity. These assessments are essential for any coach who wants their practice and clients to flourish.

AIM by Aephoria is also a world-first, combining the Enneagram and maturity stages to provide a deeper development roadmap.

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AIM reports

Each AIM assessment delivers an easy-to-understand report brimming with insights and guidance. These reports help your client understand their strengths and areas for improvement, all in a simple and actionable way.


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Level 1: Enneagram

11, 13, 18, 20 July 2024


Level 1: Enneagram

27, 29 Aug & 3, 5 Sept 2024


Level 2 : Maturity

11, 13, 18, 20 June 2024


Level 2 : Maturity

15, 17, 22, 24 October 2024


Level 3: Teams

10, 12, 17, 19 September 2024


Level 4: Facilitation

1, 3, 8, 14 October 2024


AIM is available in these languages

We are pleased to announce that our AIM assessments are available in several languages to meet the requirements of international coaches, companies, and communities.

English • German • French • Spanish • Portuguese • Slovakian • Hungarian • Dutch • Tsonga • Xhosa • Sotho • Afrikaans

our clients love AIM

Helena-Dolny (1)

If you are considering training with Aephoria for their Level One Coach training, then feel confident that all your prior knowledge will be deepened and consolidated. I especially valued the tri-types approach and enjoyed the insights provoked by the “how did you

become a number?”

Aephoria facilitators are seasoned experts, lively and they present with humour – all your faculties will be engaged: words, visuals and music. I felt that different learning styles were accommodated. Lucille Greeff is committed to an interactive approach and in my experience has extraordinary generosity, going the extra mile, if/when you as a learner hit a bump in the road.

The resources that Aephoria makes available exceed expectations in all ways: quality, variety, and volume. Aephoria has designed a strong programme with backbone and heart. The assignments for the accreditation process are substantial without being onerous. You can dive deep or you can skim – that choice is yours.

Helena Dolny

unnamed (3) (1)

The Aephoria Enneagram Level 1 Training was an incredible opportunity to be trained by Lucille, one of the most dynamic and skillful facilitators I’ve ever experienced! The virtual classroom was a rich and interactive container that allowed us to connect with

thoughtful practitioners from across 3 continents in an extremely diverse setting. I especially appreciated the ways in which race, power and inequality were acknowledged and space was made to share the ways in which our upbringing informs and influences our personality. In acknowledging this, we were able to cultivate a deeper compassion for each other and see our shared humanity through the lens of the Enneagram.

Anike Akridge

Mark leyba Image (1)

I've tried various Enneagram assessments over the years, but Aephoria's reliability in identifying one's Enneagram type is unmatched. As a coach and facilitator, I rely on it for both individual coaching sessions and group workshops. The reflection questions and insights provided in

the assessment report are a treasure trove for coaching and workshop facilitation. Whether you’re new to using the Enneagram or a seasoned practitioner, Aephoria’s Enneagram assessment is an indispensable tool that you should add to your tool kit.

Mark Leyba