What is the enneagram?

What is the enneagram? The Enneagram is an ancient framework or map for personal transformation and insight. It literally means the “model of nine” in Greek. In recent years it has become one of the most popular ways for leadership coaches, psychologists, spiritual directors, teachers and even script writers from Hollywood to make sense of…

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The role of adult development in nation building

The role of adult development in nation building with Julia Kukard – How can ADT help build nations? – Is ADT useful for making sense of political parties and their following? – How can a developmental approach to coaching, OD and team building strengthen civil society? – What can we as coaches and OD people…

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Advanced Enneagram

Lucille Greeff, one of our directors and an Enneagram expert, speaks to Movement Life Coaching about maximizing the use of the Enneagram in coaching. To follow Movement Life Coaching go to their Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/movement-coaching/

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The Enneagram and Trauma Course

Ingrid course poster

A new offering by Ingrid Hurwitz: The Enneagram and Trauma A eighteen hour (6×3 hours) online immersive workshop series – taking place on Mondays 6, 13, 20, 27 Sept and 4, 11 October from 18.00-21.00 SAST/ 9.00-12.00 PDT/ 11.00-13.00 CDT/ 10.00-12.00 MDT/ 12.00-15.00 EDT. Why would you do this course? The Enneagram and Trauma reveals Type-specific pathways to…

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GSAEC Bonfire Virtual Summit

Bonfire Virtual summit

Julia and Ntyatyambo are speaking at the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC) Bonfire Virtual Summit entitled Imagine Change: Spark the Potential of Coaching Education Panel II: From Social Listening to Inner Freedom: Leading with ME Panelists: Julia Kukard, Research & Knowledge Director, Aephoria Partners Ntyatyambo Ntloko, Associate Coach, Aephoria Partners Moderator: Natalie Cunningham, Lecturer, University…

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Reaching across the Enneagram into race, relationships and reflexivity.

Lucille, Julia, and Simon are delighted to be presenting at  IEA Global Conference 202, July 16-18. Our title is Reaching across the Enneagram into race, relationships, and reflexivity. We are speaking from 12-13:30 EDT or 6 – 7:30 SA time on zoom. This highly interactive session offers a straightforward, down-to-earth, gritty South African discussion about…

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Leadership Maturity and Vertical Development Fundamentals

Aephoria/ Vertical Dvelopment

Lucille Greeff and Simon Kettleborough host a Leadership Maturity and Vertical Development Fundamentals webinar for senior leaders. Leadership maturity is the game changer when it comes to leading in the complex, brittle and uncertain context of today. Find out more about how to support your own vertical development. Interested in learning more? Want to become…

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The Enneagram : On Death with Julia Kukard

Enneagram On Death

Death refers to the end of things, not just our human bodies but ways of life, ways of making sense of the world, businesses, management theories, roles, sectors, freedoms we have become accustomed to, and youth (to name a few of the big ones). Most of us have interesting relationships with endings and death, often…

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NEW! Level 3 Teams Accreditation

This accreditation equips a practitioner to facilitate a one-on-one coaching session to surface experience and areas of development with regards to teams/group dynamics. The package includes: Pre-work in the form of e-learning missions in MyQuest online learning environment Attendance at a 3-day online training course  An assignment: facilitate a teams session with your case study…

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Online Environment

Online Support

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