Our first cohort of UWC value-based leadership training

We recently facilitated our uniquely designed value-based leadership training programme with the middle managers of University of Western Cape (UWC). Transforming and empowering leaders is critical to the Institutional Operating Plan goals of the University of the Western Cape (UWC). The first cohort of middle managers completed the Value-Based Leadership Development Programme (VBLDP), facilitated by…

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What is the enneagram?

What is the enneagram? The Enneagram is an ancient framework or map for personal transformation and insight. It literally means the “model of nine” in Greek. In recent years it has become one of the most popular ways for leadership coaches, psychologists, spiritual directors, teachers and even script writers from Hollywood to make sense of…

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Dr. Julia Kukard

Dr. Julia Kukard is a founding partner of Aephoria and a leadership and inclusion professional. With almost 30 years of experience in learning and development, she has worked globally including in South Africa, UK, Lesotho, Ghana, France, Uganda, Netherlands, Brazil, India, UAE and China with multinationals, nationals, governments and NGOs. Julia’s experience includes working with…

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Why are there so few audio traffic signals.

Why are there so few audio traffic signals.   Check out this amazing article by Jeremy Opperman:   https://disabilitydesk.co.za/2022/09/13/why-are-there-so-few-audio-traffic-signals/   Jeremy Opperman works as a Disability Integrations Analyst. Striving for natural and unhesitating integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society and working with all types of organisations.   With Aephoria’s experience in diversity and…

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Coaching for Pain

Coaching for pain

Coaching for Pain Andrea Powers qualified as a physiotherapist at UCT in 1999, and runs a private practice in Bergvliet. She qualified as a coach through Thoughtsmiths in 2018 and uses these skills in her physiotherapy work to facilitate self management of clients’ conditions. She has completed 6 modules of the Certificate in Pain management,…

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Coaching People Living with Disabilities.

Coaching people living with disabilities

Lucille Greeff hosted Jeremy Opperman on the topic of Coaching People Living with Disabilities. Cape Town born Jeremy Opperman has been involved in disability equity, awareness, and inclusion consulting for most of his career. Being visually impaired, Jeremy has a unique perspective of the needs of the sector, and his professional engagements with the corporate…

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Outgrowing Racial Essentialism

Amiel on outgrowing racial essentialism

Amiel Handelsman on the topic: Outgrowing Racial Essentialism In this session, Amiel Handelsman will lead us exploring an apparent paradox: how can you deracialize yourself and others while keeping your eyes focused squarely on “race”? By sharing his journey around this and inviting yours, Amiel will entice us to consider: • Four meanings of the word “race,” why we…

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Advanced Enneagram

Lucille Greeff, one of our directors and an Enneagram expert, speaks to Movement Life Coaching about maximizing the use of the Enneagram in coaching. To follow Movement Life Coaching go to their Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/movement-coaching/

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Celebrating Community: Final Supervision

Celebrating Community

Join us on Tuesday 30 November for our final supervision for 2021…a little partay if you may! We’ll be celebrating our community and closing the year with intention.  We’d love to have you join! Some Capetonian based coaches may gather in person, if possible…more details to follow on Monday. Please ensure that you register in advance for the…

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Happiness as a goal: is it worth the effort?


PUBLIC SUPERVISION 9 NOVEMBER – OPEN TO ALL! Dear Aephorian community, Join us on Tuesday 9 November, (from 4-6 pm SAST), for a public supervision session run by Julia where she will be talking about…Happiness as a goal: is it worth the effort? Please ensure that you register in advance for the session below. See you there! Join Zoom…

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